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Online video music lessons are a very efficient and cost-effective way to learn new musical skills, or advance your progress. While it’s true that there are a lot of videos available out there, most online guitar and ukulele programs have no comprehensive curriculum in place and do not offer a concise presentation of the material. Our unique and all-inclusive courses are thoughtfully designed to give you the fundamental building blocks required to succeed and excel on your instrument of choice, wherever and whenever you want!

You’ll be impressed with our high-quality videos and the teaching style of your instructor, Michael Violette. Watch and play along as Michael shows you the basics, like how to hold the guitar or ukulele and strum the strings, as well as more advanced techniques, like changing chords and improvising your own riffs and solos. Each lesson includes clear camera angles, zoom-in features, sheet music, and backing tracks.

You can revisit each lesson as many times as you need, and practice with or without the videos on your own schedule. When you’re ready, all you have to do is click the button to go on to the next lesson. Michael’s instruction is straight-forward and easy to understand–suitable for students of all ages!

Available Courses

We currently have Pure Beginner Courses for both guitar and ukulele. There is a Pure Beginner Banjo Course in the works, along with more advanced courses for the guitar and ukulele. We also plan on expanding into other instruments in the future!

Our videos are hosted on Vimeo, which means the quality of both the video and audio is very good. This isn’t a subscription so once you pay for the course you want, you will have access to the whole thing, forever!

So no matter your age, ability level, or location, you’re in good hands with String Sound Studios Video Lessons. Click the links below and get started today!

**Not sure you want to buy a full course just yet? Check out our live streams, where Michael shares some of the same methods and techniques in a live and interactive setting! We typically host them on Friday and Saturday evenings, but our previous streams are archived in this convenient playlist. Stay tuned for fun songs in multiple styles!

About the Teacher

Our founder and president, Michael Violette, has taught thousands of students over the course of his 30-year teaching career. He is well-versed in multiple styles and techniques, including rock, jazz, blues, and country, and brings this wealth of knowledge to his online lesson series. Read more about Michael by clicking here!

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