1. What is required of me at the audition?

Please prepare two contrasting pieces of your choice to be performed at the interview.
Prepare a list of method; sight-reading, scale or other books you use may while teaching.
We will require (if Hired) the signing of a contract, a driver’s license, and you social security number.
Be aware auditions / interviews will take at least 1 hour.

2. What do I do if I play different instruments?

Please bring and prepare your various instruments as if you were auditioning separately on each instrument.

3. What should my dress code be?

We recommend you dress very neat and in a professional manner.

4. When do you hold auditions?

We tend to hold auditions weekday mornings but please call the office for other available times.

5. Where would I be working?

We serve all of Long Island Nassau, Suffolk County and New York City areas such as Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan.

6. When would I be working?

Since a good portion of our students attend school, regardless of age, generally our teachers begin work from about 2:30 pm up until 9:00 pm. In addition, there are individuals who choose to work Saturday morning and mid-afternoon. This distinction is made based off the individual student and teacher, in addition to coinciding scheduling.

7. What qualifications are necessary?

Competency on your instrument(s) is of course required. A degree is preferred, although not necessary. Good communication skills are also necessary to be an effective teacher. Reliability and responsibility and good work ethics are also a necessary skill.

8. What are the most popular instruments taught through String Sound Studios?

Mainly, we specialize in piano, guitar, and the various string instruments. However, we do teach many of the band instruments, including percussion. Please call the office to find out whether or not there is a demand for your instrument(s) in any of our target neighborhoods.

9. How many hours would I be working?

Overall, many of our teachers work part time during the evening hours mentioned previously. However, the owner of String Sound Studios, in addition with a few others, teach full time. The amount of hours you wish to work can be determined by the amount of students you wish to teach in addition to our ability to find you as many students as you wish.

10. What will my pay be?

Pay is determined by experience and will be discussed at length during the course of the interview/audition. In addition, there will be a follow-up interview with us. The purpose of this interview is to get you affiliated with our policies and procedures. Mainly, this second interview will cover the business aspect of our company. It also important to know that our teachers are considered Independent Contractors and will receive 1099s at the end of the given tax year.

Please visit our Teachers Bios to view more information about the current teachers.