Office Hours

Monday through Friday: 10:00 am to 7:30 pm.
Saturdays: 11:00 am to 3:00 pm.
Sundays: Closed. Please leave a message.

Holidays – The office will be closed for business on the following days:
A) January 1st
B) Presidents Day (Monday)
C) Memorial Day
D) July 4th
E) Labor Day
F) Thanksgiving Day
G) December 25th

If you wish to have a lesson on one of the stated holidays please call the office for details.

Nassau / Suffolk Pricing
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Special 1 month introductory rate for new students:
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NYC Pricing
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Special 1 month introductory rate for new students:
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Introductory rates may be paid on a weekly basis for the first 4 weeks. After that, monthly payments are due in full on the first day of each month for services that are provided for the month (i.e. $34 x 4 = $136 for half hour lessons).

A security deposit for the full amount of one (1) lesson at the regular rate is due at the time of the first lesson, in addition to the first lesson fee (i.e. deposit $34.00 + intro $29.00 = $63.00 for a half hour lesson).

Method of payments are by Credit Cards , E checks

Our Business does not coincide with a school calendar


In order to avoid billing errors it is in a Clients best interest and responsibility to call the office if they will be out on vacation or not able to attend any future lesson(s) Please do not contact the instructor for cancellations.

You Must contact the office directly for all cancellations at 631 476 8946. Please leave a message if you are not able to contact anyone at our office. We do not Accept Emails , Text Messaging as a valid way to cancel lessons.

Late Cancellations

We offer 1 late cancellation per calendar year providing a client has taken a minimum of 26 lessons. If you would like to cancel or reschedule a lesson you must do so before 7.00 pm the day before. If a client fails to notify the office before 7.00 pm a charge for the full amount of the lesson will result.

All instructors receive one complimentary late cancellation per calendar year, thereafter if an instructor fails to notify the office 24 hours in advance, they must give that particular client or clients a free lesson the following week.

It is The Clients Responsibility to make sure there is an Adult or Parent present (on premises) for all lessons. If an Adult or Parent is not present our instructor will not be able to teach that particular lesson and you must pay for that lesson.

Discounts are offered for any extended lesson times over one hour.

Students who refer new customers will receive a free lesson. Call the office at 631-476-8946 for details.

Extreme Weather: In the event of inclement weather such as snow, hurricanes or other comparable conditions, the company reserves the right to cancel lessons without any financial obligation to the students. In this situation a client may deduct the amount from the following monthly bill or can choose to have a make up.

Withdrawal: In the event a student elects not to continue lessons and notifies the office within a 24 hour time period, we will refund any balance and deposit for remaining lessons. We respectfully urge our clients to provide two weeks advance notification of withdrawal.