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About This Course

If learning an instrument from a Pro is something you always wanted to do, now you can with String Sound Studios Video Courses!

Our Pure Beginner Ukulele Course is professionally designed to take you to the next level. The videos specialize in holding, picking, and fretting the ukulele. We will also cover tuning, positioning, basic chord progressions, and simple licks. If you’re just starting out on the ukulele, this course is for you!

Included with the Pure Beginner Ukulele Course:

  • Play Along Backing Tracks – in both Video and downloadable MP3 format
  • Sheet Music – in downloadable PDF format
  • Full Screen Lessons along with Zoomed-In videos focusing on the fretting hand
  • UNLIMITED, LIFETIME ACCESS to all associated content

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PREVIEW: Tuning the Ukulele

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