Piano Lessons Huntington

When searching for the most qualified instructors for Piano Lessons Huntington, come to String Sound Studios. They have instructors that were all music majors in college and are great with children as well as adults alike. String Sound Studios has been teaching people to play every kind of musical instrument for over 32 years. They can help your student, aunt, uncle, friend or yourself too. They will teach piano instruction, theory and composition in whatever type of music you are interested in such as jazz, blues, rock, pop or classical.

These lessons are private lessons offered in the privacy of your own home. This permits each student to concentrate and focus on learning. You pay as you go. No contracts to sign either. Right now, they are having a special on lesson packages. Save 20% on the package you choose. If you don’t wish to make a commitment, no problem. All you need to begin your Piano Lessons Huntington is a full-size keyboard. Whether it is a piano or not is not important.

For more information regarding Piano Lessons Huntington, or String Sound Studios you may simply click on the attached link https://www.stringsoundstudios.com/. You  may also call directly to their studio at 631 476-8946. Their representative will be more than happy to answer questions or schedule your first lesson. You no longer have to put off finding the time to drive to lessons and then drive back home. The lessons come to you! With over 32 years of teaching music, they must be doing it right! Call today.

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