Music Lessons Suffolk County

If you have been searching for the best in Music Lessons Suffolk County you have found it in String Sound Studios. Although conveniently located in East Setauket, NY they offer at-home music lessons. That’s right. Music Lessons in the comfort and privacy of your own home. This one on one type of learning truly puts the focus on each individual student. No distractions, no other students to keep up with or hold you back. You can learn at your own pace. Whether you are interested in a wind instrument, string instrument or percussion, you will find that learning at home saves you time as well. If you or your student is looking for piano lessons, know that you do not need to have a piano in your home, a full-size keyboard is just fine. These Music Lessons Suffolk County are by college graduates that have majored in music. They offer lessons on instruments, singing and teach theory as well as composition. String Sound Studios has been offering Music Lessons Suffolk County for over 32 years. That says a lot about their integrity and ability to teach.

For more information regarding String Sound Studios, you may simply click on the attached link You may also call directly to their office at 631 476-8946. They offer instruction from beginner to advanced. Lessons are offered in Nassau, Suffolk, Brooklyn and Queens. Start your family member on their journey to learning about music in the privacy of your own home. Call today to take advantage of limited time offers.


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