izzy_frontHistory and Information about the Marimba

The marimba is a pitched percussion instrument consisting of wooden bars that are struck with mallets to produce different notes. The marimba is a member of the idiophone family, which includes the xylophone and vibraphone. The marimba probably originated in western Africa, although the modern instrument was invented in the 18th century in Central America, specifically in Guatemala. The marimba is used in many different genres of music such as jazz, pop, rock, and folk music. There is also a large classical repertoire for the marimba.


When to Start on the Marimba

You can start learning the marimba as young as age 6. However, since the marimba is a large instrument, students may be more comfortable starting on a different percussion instrument or keyboard instrument such as the piano and then switching to marimba when they are physically able to do so.


Getting a Marimba

The marimba can be an expensive instrument that takes up a significant amount of space in your home. However, many stores offer digital alternatives or rental instruments. Please call us so we can recommend a store from which you can purchase or rent a marimba or an alternative instrument.


For very young students, it is recommended to rent instruments for two reasons: 1) they will most likely grow out of instruments quickly and 2) they may lose interest (although we hope they don’t!). We also provide piano repair and tuning services, please ask for this information if you are interested!


Purchasing Books for Your Marimba Lessons

Most books and supplies are available online. Give us a call for local store recommendations. Your instructor can tell you which books are appropriate or needed.


**Feel free to call us at 631-476-8946 with any questions you may have. We can help provide you with additional resources.