bigOM40History and Information about the Mandolin

The mandolin is the highest member of the mandola family of instruments (which also includes the mandola, the mandocello and the mandobass). It usually has four courses of strings (8 strings, where every 2 strings are doubles) and is usually played with a pick. The mandolin is related to the lute, although the modern mandolin did not come into existence until the 18th century. The mandolin is used in several different styles of music, including classical, bluegrass, blues, rock, and folk music. Because it tuned similarly to a violin, a large portion of the violin repertoire is also easily transferred to the mandolin.


When to Start on the Mandolin

You can start mandolin lessons as young as age 5 or 6, depending on a student’s dexterity and fine motor skills.


Getting a Mandolin

Please call us for a recommendation of a store from which you can purchase or rent a mandolin. For very young students, it is recommended to rent instruments for two reasons: 1) they will most likely grow out of instruments quickly and 2) they may lose interest (although we hope they don’t!). Most stores will provide repair services for instruments that they rent out.


Purchasing Books and Supplies for Your Mandolin

Most books and many supplies are available online. Give us a call for a local store recommendation. Your instructor can tell you which books and supplies are appropriate or needed.


**Feel free to call us at 631-476-8946 with any questions you may have. We can help you find the best stores or dealers in your area and provide you with additional resources.