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History and Information

The harp is one of the oldest stringed instruments, dating back as far as 3500 BCE. While the shape, size, and tuning can vary around the world, the concert or pedal harp is most common in Western music. The strings of this version are tuned like the keys on a piano, and are plucked individually. The harp is featured extensively in classic music, but is also used in pop and folk genres.

When to Start

Students can start harp lessons as young as age 6, depending on hand size and strength. Please note that it is a very large instrument, so for very young students, we recommend starting on another instrument such as the piano, and then transitioning when they are able. Most instructors will incorporate reading music into their lessons, so students should have some basic reading and counting skills.

Getting an Harp

There are many brands and models of harp available for rent or purchase. Harps are generally expensive, so we strongly recommend renting at first. You also must have adequate transportation to move the instrument. We can give you recommendations for places near you to rent your harp, and most stores provide repair services for instruments that they rent out. Please contact us, and be sure to include your location!

Books and Supplies

Your instructor can tell you which books and supplies are appropriate. Most materials are available online. We can give you recommendations for places near you to purchase supplies and music for your harp, if you prefer to do so in person. Please contact us, and again, remember to tell us where you live!

**Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. We can help provide you with additional resources.**

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