Guitar Lessons Smithtown

String Sound Studios offers at home Guitar Lessons Smithtown. If you have been finding it difficult to set aside the 3 hours it takes to drive to a facility that offers lessons, take the lesson and then drive all the way back home, this is your lucky day! String Sound Studios has been providing comfortable at home private guitar lessons affordably for over 32 years. In fact, it’s probably a lot less expensive then you would have imagined. Finally, a convenient way to take Guitar Lessons Smithtown. They have instructors that were all music majors in college and teach guitar lessons, theory and composition. They offer many different types of music instruction including jazz, rock, pop and classical. It doesn’t matter if you live in Nassau, Suffolk, Queens or Brooklyn, there is an instructor that will come to your home. Lessons are offered on guitars that you may already have such as electric, acoustical or bass. You may also take advantage of a summer limited time offer for 20% off on a lesson package. How nice to be able to take private lessons right in the comfort of your own home. Beginner to advanced ability accepted. 

For more information on Guitar Lessons Smithtown or to learn more about String Sound Studios, please simply click on the attached link You may also call directly to set up your first lessons. Call 631 476-8946. String Sound Studio accepts checks and most major credit cards. Finally, you don’t have to set aside hours to take guitar lessons with the affordable and professional guitar instructors at String Sound Studios.