Guitar Lessons Dix Hills

When searching for the best in Guitar Lessons Dix Hills, know you have found it in String Sound Studios. With over 32 years of teaching music lessons, they have teachers that all have college degrees in music. They are not high school students looking to make a few dollars, they are professional teachers versed in music, theory and composition.

What is so wonderful about String Sound Studios is that there is no contract to sign. It is a pay as you go system. They  come to your home offering privacy and convenience and can accommodate your busy schedule. They offer instruction on any instrument including electric, acoustic, bass and basic Guitar Lessons Dix Hills. They offer lessons to children, adults and even seniors! If it has always been your dream to play guitar, now is the time. You may even take advantage of their summer special where you get a discount of 20% on a lesson package. Whether you are a fan of jazz, rock, pop, classical or other style of music, you will find that the String Sound Studio instructors can fulfill your dreams in music.

For more information on String Sound Studios or Guitar Lessons Dix Hills you may simply click on the attached link Or, you may call directly to speak with a representative at 631 476-8946. They accept checks and major credit cards. Don’t let the summer go by without offering your child a chance to learn an instrument. It truly makes for a well- rounded education. Plus, String Sound Studios is exactly what you have been searching for.