AmatiFrenchHornHistory and Information about the French Horn

The French horn is one of the middle members of the brass family. The horn has been around in some capacity for thousands of years, but the specific form of the modern French horn was developed in the 17th century. Sound is produced by the French horn when the player buzzes their lips against the mouthpiece, and the pitch can be adjusted by a hand inserted into the bell of the instrument. When you learn the French horn, you will have access to an extensive repertoire of classical music, as well as other genres.


When to Start on the French Horn

You can start French horn lessons as young as age 9 or 10, depending on the student’s lung capacity and physical strength. They also must be able to effectively use the muscles around the mouth to maintain an embouchure. Some students may find this difficult, so those students (as well as those younger than 9) are encouraged to start on a different brass instrument (such as trumpet) and then switch to the French horn when they are able to do so.


Getting a French Horn

Please call us so we can recommend a store from which you can purchase or rent a French horn. For very young students, it is recommended to rent instruments for two reasons: 1) they will most likely grow out of instruments quickly and 2) they may lose interest (although we hope they don’t!). However, when buying or renting a used French horn, it is recommended that you buy a new mouthpiece. Most places that rent instruments will also provide repair services for their instruments.


Purchasing Books and Supplies for Your French Horn

Most books and many supplies are available online. Give us a call for local store recommendations. Your instructor can tell you which books and supplies are appropriate or needed.


**Feel free to call us at 631-476-8946 with any questions you may have. We can help provide you with additional resources.