Some music education companies boast the fact you don’t have to be well-educated in music or teach fundamentals to achieve a quality music school. We also hear words admonishing music schools who take a traditional approach.

Here at String Sound Studios, we beg to differ. We feel it is necessary to hire the best-trained musicians to teach our students. We also feel it is vital to learn music fundamentals, such as proper technique and reading music. We believe that combining this more “traditional” approach with our super hip Novice and Advanced Band instruction will produce not only great musical results, but also great musicians.

What sets us apart from our competitors is that “we’re about the music”! We are not necessarily interested theatrics or a celebrity status for our students. We live by the credo that there is little point in learning music if the correct approach is not taken. For over 30 years, owner Michael Violette has been at the forefront of music education: teaching, performing, arranging and composing.

A key element of our success is that we put music education first and recognize all styles of music as a viable area of study. Being the head of a dynamic progressive music education company, Michael has been using music software programs for over 25 years such as Sibelius and Band in the Box to produce full score arrangements for any instrument.

He says: “If we do a tune by Lynyrd Skynyrd or Django [Reinhardt], I can do a full score arrangement for any instrument. We then can make recordings and give those to the students to play along with the actual score.”

We also welcome ALL instruments in our bands and are not one-dimensional when it comes to instrumentation or styles. As a matter of fact, we encourage Latin, Jazz, Rock, Blues, and Classical as well.

Our Advance Band program is for musicians who have attained proficiency on their instrument and would like to apply those skills with performers of the same caliber. All styles and instruments are welcome in this group. A student can expect to learn intermediate to advance concepts while still having fun. The curriculum is based on music from all genres and concentrates on complex rhythms, playing solos, application of music theory, and reading music.