Student FAQs

1. How do I know I’m getting a good Teacher?
Our auditions consist of playing repertoire from various styles of music. Instructors are evaluated on their overall knowledge of music theory and must demonstrate sight-reading and improvisational skills. Potential instructors must also be able to prepare materials and show an approach to instruction on various levels. Interviews are also administered to evaluate communication skills, work ethic and other job performance skills. All our instructors are college educated; many are completed or currently enrolled in graduate programs. We encourage our teachers to constantly continue training and in some cases pay for them to acquire these skills. We would like your feedback on how you believe our instructor is performing. If you are not completely satisfied we will try to find a different instructor from the one you now have. To view more information about our teachers, please visit our Teachers Bios.

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2. Can you give me references?
Yes, Please call the office and we could supply you with contact information of students, many which have been with us for a number of years.

3. At what age can my child start studying a musical instrument?
Although we offer lessons to students of all ages, certain instruments are very difficult for young students to learn (i.e. bassoon). However, the piano, violin, and certain percussion instruments are more suitable for children under six (6) years of age. Please contact the office for more information (631) 476-8946.

4. Why do you have an introductory rate?
This helps clients establish a trust with our company. If you are not satisfied it is less of a financial commitment, it is also important to offer discounts whenever we can.

5. What is the price guarantee?
We feel it is necessary to reward our most consistent clients. Just as you would like an instructor to show up for the lessons, we would like to have continuity from our clientele. In essence good attendance keeps the cost of lessons down, we would rather book a student who is interested in learning on a regular basis then one who is not. You may reschedule the lesson for a different day or time and this would not affect your price guarantee.

6. What if the instructor cancels or my lesson falls on one of the holidays stated in the overview?
You still have the option to reschedule, however we do not put these down as missed lessons and it will not count against your price guarantee.

7. Why do you offer discounts for extended lesson times over one hour?
You may have 2 or more students in the same residence and this keeps it affordable.

8. Do you really offer free lessons to clients who refer new customers?
Absolutely, for each new student a customer finds us, they could expect a free lesson for each one. (As a matter of fact if you keep finding us students, we may hire you to run the sales department)

9. Why do you eventually go to a monthly payment plan?
A monthly plan is much more cost effective on our day to day operations .We look to save the customer money and this is one way to keep the price of lessons down.

10. What is the purpose of a deposit?
This is used for your last lesson or late cancellations (you must call before 5 pm the day before). Even if you call the day before we still need to contact the instructor and sometimes as many as 10 students to reschedule.

11. What if the student wakes up sick the day of the lesson or we have a medical emergency?
We offer one complimentary late cancellation per year providing a client has taken a minimum of 26 lessons. We will use our judgment and past cancellation history to resolve this matter. If a late cancellation cannot be rescheduled a client must use their one free late cancellation and Thereafter must pay for any future late cancellations. Our instructors also have 1 free late cancellation and thereafter must give a free lesson.

12. Why should the client inform the office of any anticipated scheduling conflicts or other questions pertaining to String Sound Studios business practices?
Our instructors may not know of scheduling conflicts with other clients. You may inform an instructor with your concerns but it is ultimately the client’s responsibility to call the office especially about matters related to scheduling.

13. Are your prices Fair?
Yes, we consider the lesson fees to be a fair price and in many cases comparable or more competitive then other individuals or companies who provide in home music instruction.

13. Conclusion:
Please be advised that your instructors are under contract with String Sound Studios and may not teach students for their own personal benefit which were gained through business practices of String Sound Studios. We look forward to working with you and if needed be call me at 631 476 8946 to answer any other questions or concerns you may have.

Post Recital News 2014
We want to thank all of our awesome students who gave 110% for their performances, as well as the great parents and families, and our wonderful staff. Please Go To Our Events Section for The Full Story

Recital Announcement 2014
String Sound Studios will hold our annual student recital on Sunday, June 22nd, 2014, from 12:00pm until 6:30pm at the Setauket Neighborhood House, located at 95 Main Street, East Setauket NY, 11733.

For more information, please visit and click on EVENTS (in the guitar fretboard sidebar). There you can read the full announcement, download the application form, and find directions. If you have further questions, please use our new feedback form, or call us at (631)476-8946. The deadline to sign up is May 16th, 2014.

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Ensembles anyone
In addition to our in-home lessons, we are now offering group-playing opportunities at our Setauket studio! These ensembles are primarily for guitar, bass guitar, piano, drums, and vocalists, but All instruments are welcome including brass and woodwind players. We also offer guitar and string ensembles for those interested. Our curriculum is based mainly on Rock, Jazz, and Blues music, and in addition to performance focuses on improvisation, ear training, theory, rhythmic sense, and score reading.

Our goals are to provide a group-performance setting—we will provide performance opportunities!—encourage teamwork, instill confidence, and create well-rounded musicians. We use music software in addition to free recordings, notebooks, and musical scores. String Sound Studios t-shirts are also provided. Our ensembles are taught by experienced music professionals.

Bands are grouped by ability level (basic, novice, intermediate, advanced), but members are encouraged to name their individual groups ( i.e. “American Garage” ). As these ensembles are supplemental to school music programs and private lessons, we encourage at least some experience on your instrument, including reading music.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please call us at 631-476-8946 to schedule an appointment to come down and see a rehearsal.

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